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Business License Online Renewal


Your City of Moreno Valley business licenses can now be renewed online. Businesses eligible for on-line renewal have a PIN number printed at the bottom of the renewal form. If any of the information printed on the renewal is incorrect you must renew by mail or in person.

  1. Locate the Account # and PIN # on your renewal form and login below. Show me how.
  2. Verify your business information.
  3. Provide information used to calculate your amount due.
  4. Provide credit card payment information.
  5. Print a copy of your receipt.

If there are no significant changes on the license and we do not have questions about the renewal, you should receive the printed business license in 30-45 days after you receive notice that the payment is accepted. If further information is needed or if there are significant changes on the license, we will contact you to let you know what else is needed before the license can be printed.

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